Papagei Web Design ~ A Brief History

Papagei means Parrot. Parrots are many things, they are colourful, cheerful, fun and clever birds, so it seemed the perfect name to use for my design business.

I first studied computing way back in 1983 when the internet wasn't even around. Back then we learn't about the history of computing and tinkered with BASIC (a simple programming language which is no longer used). However, having quite a mathematical mind, I started my working career in 1986 studying accountancy, suspending it a few years later to start a family. Whilst my two children were young I participated in voluntary work and helped organise fundraising events for the local schools and playgroups they attended. The whole time using my artistic talents with the children, or simply painting for a hobby.

Trudy Parrott

With a passion for art, design and technology, over a period of 7 years I gained a number of qualifications and awards, attending Barnfield Technology College and Luton University to study Web design, programming, communication and technology. I have also recently attained an ILM (Institute of Leadership and Management) level 3 certificate in First Line Management.

In addition to my studies, I have practiced Karate for a number of years, a few years ago gaining Shodan status (black belt).

Trudy Parrott