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K's Kids Toy collection

K's Kids

K's Kids Toys are an original series of adorable, fun and educational baby toys, specially developed for the young hands and minds of babies and toddlers, featuring different sensory activities for a child to explore, to learn and to play with.

The collection boasts a number of award-winning activity toys, including the Hungry Pelican which has been awarded "TOY OF THE YEAR" by parenting Magazine in the USA. Other winning items include Toy House Playmat , Cubee Tunnel, the fantastic fun "Mums on the Phone" range and many, many more.....

ABC Nursery Supplies are Distributors for K's Kids toys in the UK and Republic of Ireland

This uniquely innovative range of the highest quality toys, for babies from 0 - 36 months, are leaders in their field bringing new ideas accross sixty countries. Every one of the two hundred plus products ranging from a small rattle to a big activity playmat, has been developed with sensory development and learnig in mind, through a product design team that includes psychologists, child development experts, parents - and not least - feedback from children. The result is in a range of toys that is adorable, educational and great fun, providing high play value and affordability, ideal for any baby girl or baby boy.

A selection of the award winning toys from K's Kids


K's Kids have won awards for their toys from all around the world

K's Kids have some beautiful characters in their range of toys. Each toy is based on a character in the range. So whether you like Patrick the dog, Jack the clown or one of lovely children, Julia, Wayne, Barbara or Michael, you can make a wonderful collection of your favourite character.

K's Kids Character Toys.  Wayne, Michael, Julia, Barbara, Aleksander, Clever Bee, Octopus & Babe, Igor, Emma, Happy Elephant, Jack the Clown, Inchworm, Ivan, Sam and Bobby.
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ABC are sole distributors in the UK and Republic of Ireland,
for the K's Kids range of developmental and soft toys.

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Suppliers of baby products accross the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland
Suppliers of baby products accross the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland
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