Exit and Starter Interviews

Ledgers Payroll Services can offer telephone exit and starter interviews with your employees, followed up with a written report. For a small additional charge, these reports can be summarised into a monthly report which can be used as a basis for improving your management systems. Find out why employees leave your company or what they thought about your recruitment process. This can help you to improve your working environment and deal efficiently with potential issues before they become a problem.

A happy workforce is more productive, and a company that is people focused will not only be more profitable, but will ensure employees leave on good terms if they do decide to go. Keeping the doors open can be beneficial to both the company and the leaver, potentially ensuring that valuable knowledge is available in times of need.

All too often employees are treated as a simple cost on the profit & loss account, especially when times get tough. In reality, the knowledge they hold can be a valuable asset to the company. When a key employee leaves, it can be a frustrating exercise with long-term cost and performance implications whilst a replacement is trained-up.

Unfortunately, not all companies have a realistic understanding of the value of people and their knowledge within their organisations, or the cost and time implications to replace them. “People are our greatest assets” is a popular quote in many company boardrooms, but how often is this taken seriously and these thoughts backed-up with a management system to keep those assets (people) happy in order to safeguard the information they hold?

“The less you capture knowledge on a regular basis, the more you need to capture it at exit, yet the less likely you are to have the mechanisms in place to do so or the leaver’s willingness to cooperate!”
(Quote David J Skyrme, Knowledge Management Expert.)

Even if you have an HR department, a leaver may not always be willing to, or have, the motivation to talk to them. Ledgers Payroll Services offer an independent service, which could provide you with the information you need to improve your management systems, and keep valuable knowledge working within your company.

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